Erotic Hypnosis and Femdom

As a phone sex operator of nearly three years, I have come to understand how human sexuality can truly vary in an endless combination of ways. My experience has expanded My views on human sexuality and even human nature in general. As a phone Domme, one of my most popular requests from callers is to subject them to erotic hypnosis. As far-fetched as it seemed to Me in the beginning, I was fascinated to find just how compelling and erotic these callers found the experience to be, even in cases when the content of the phone call was not sexually explicit, or when My experience was very limited. Hypnosis is an incredibly complex topic that is recognized by The American Psychological Association as being both therapeutic, as well as effective. Today, I would like to discuss the erotic uses of hypnosis, and, more specifically: My experience with using erotic hypnosis as a Femme Domme phone sex provider.

*Please note that I am not a clinician, My practices are for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness. The information in this blog post is based solely on My personal observations and experiences as a hypnosis phone sex provider, unless otherwise cited.
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The Process of an Erotic Hypnosis Session

In order for Me to ensure the best experience possible, I prefer to converse with the prospective subject prior to the session. I am very passionate about getting to know the caller as an individual so that I can take their desires into account during the session. During this part, the caller and I will discuss any previous experience they may have with hypnosis – erotic or otherwise. I also ask them what draws them to erotic hypnosis, and if there are any specific fantasies that they would like to explore during the session. After I have gotten to know the prospective caller, I can confidently give them an intimate and high-quality experience.

Once we have connected on the phone, I guide the caller in taking steps to get the most out of their experience. This will include limiting distractions, ensuring that they are alone, and situating themselves in a comfortable position – either sitting back or lying down. Then, the induction begins. There is more than one induction technique, but most of the time it will simply take the form of a sensual guided meditation that promotes relaxation and increases the caller’s suggestibility.

Trance State
After induction, the subject is in a deeply relaxed state in which their mind is less active. This is where the fun begins. As a Domme, I can make suggestions that improve the caller’s attitudes toward submission. This is also an excellent opportunity for Me to help the caller decrease inhibitions related to embracing their role as a submissive.

Depending on the subject’s individual fantasies, vivid visualizations can be induced for their pleasure and excitement. I have had subjects experience sexual pleasure, ending with orgasm, without any physical stimulation. Conversely, subjects who have masochistic desires and fantasies (CBT, corporal punishment, etc.) can embrace and experience their fantasies while in the trance state.

Hypnosis is a highly intense experience, therefore, I never recommend an abrupt ending. During the conclusion, I take steps to guide the subject back to awareness gradually. This process encourages the subject to become “awake” again in as non-intrusive of a manner as possible.

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Erotic Hypnosis as an Aural Experience

Working in an area of adult entertainment, I never hear the end of how, “men are visual creatures.” While it is true that photos enhance the experiences of My callers, My hypnosis techniques are primarily aural ones. This is due to the fact that hypnosis works best when treated like a guided meditation – the subject will close their eyes and allow themselves to relax. Like those who enjoy autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), most of My hypnosubmissives report (and enjoy) very real physical sensations during our sessions, as well as extremely vivid visualizations. Many have reported that they could “feel” my presence during the session, and didn’t feel any need for, or absence of, visual or physical stimulation.

Not Like the Movies

As with most areas of life, it is important to distinguish between exaggerated portrayals of hypnosis in the entertainment industry and the realistic applications of hypnosis. While hypnosis has been shown to be highly effective in multiple studies, there are some misconceptions that have made the practice controversial. The level of effectiveness can depend on any number of factors, primarily the subject – some individuals have an easier time quieting their minds than others. This is something that can become easier with practice and by ensuring a quiet, distraction-free environment during the call.

Erotic Hypnosis as a Therapeutic Experience

As duly noted above, My techniques are not intended to treat any illness – I am not a clinician. That said, erotic hypnosis as a means of embracing, and perhaps gaining clarity on, your sexual desires can be highly relaxing and rewarding. Several have reported to Me that they find the vulnerability experienced during hypnosis to be a beneficial release from the stress and constant movements of their daily lives. Erotic hypnosis is one of many ways that one can quiet their minds for a period. Of course, My approach is a dominant one, so anyone who is drawn sexually to taking the role of a submissive can likely appreciate the fantasy of submitting to Me psychologically.

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Understanding Through Experience

There are many different ways in which erotic hypnosis can be enjoyable for a submissive caller. Different providers have different methods, approaches, and purposes for using erotic hypnosis. Today I summarized a few key aspects of erotic hypnosis based on some of my experiences. In order to fully understand the appeal, as well as the benefits of an erotic hypnosis session, I recommend trying it out – especially if you have submissive tendencies. You may find that a sensual, psychological approach can be just as (or even more) exciting than a hardcore and aggressive one. I have had long NiteFlirt chat sessions where I answered dozens of questions for a curious user. While I am happy to divulge to a certain extent, My belief is that the best understanding can be gained through simply trying it out.


Final Thoughts

It is no wonder that I chose erotic hypnosis as the subject for My first ever blog post. Not only has it been one of My most popular niches on NiteFlirt, but it is also something that I deeply enjoy as a Femme Domme. If you’re interested in learning more, I encourage you to contact Me with any questions that you may have.